Why Our Cheesecake is Different

100% Papa's Cheesecake Satisfaction!

There’s a saying that “You don’t merely want to be considered the best of the best, you want to be considered… “The Only One Who Does, What You Do”.

  1. A Century of a Cherished Family Tradition
  2. Made Fresh Using all Real and Fresh Ingredients
  3. Every Cheesecake is Handmade Wholesomeness
  4. No Compromise… Papa’s Signature of His Culinary Career

Customer Testimonials

We ordered the Papa’s Strawberry Cheesecake for us and our family and honestly it was THE BEST cheesecake we’ve ever had. Next time we are going to order the Papa’s Chocolate Cheesecake we liked it so much!
Currently I reside in Florida and my nostalgia for Papa's Cheesecake kicks in there is no substitute for it down here! Every time I visit my folks in NY, I make it a habit go to Crosstown Diner, The Home of Papa’s Cheesecake to have a bite of that creamy Cheesecake.