About Papa

Papa's Cheesecakes


An artist gets inspired and expresses their passion through paintings or sculptures. Peter Tsibidis a.k.a. “PAPA” found a way to express his “Art”.

It all started 50-years ago WHEN Papa sat down at the table with a single napkin, he sculpted his famous Cheesecake. Even to this day, 50-years later he carries that napkin in his wallet.

It’s his ‘signature’ for the pride and commitment to his culinary career and Papa’s Cheesecake. And to this day, he has not even shared his secret recipe with anyone in the family.

From the moment you take the first bite of Papa’s ‘handmade’ Cheesecake, a century of family tradition embraces you. Papa’s Cheesecake truly express his passion for fine foods that comes from a cherished family legacy.


Sheer Determination

Peter Tsibidis came to this country as countless other Greek immigrants did in the 1960’s, although he took a longer path. He left his birthplace of Velies, which is two-hours south of Sparti in the province of ancient Laconia.

In July of 1968, the cruise ship docked in New York and Peter, with not much else but sheer determination and hard work, decided to take a chance and start a new life in one of the biggest cities in the world. In addition to his determination, he brought with him his family’s tradition.

For over a century, his family has been producing some of the purest and most delicious all natural (No preservatives) ingredients in the world. From their family’s olive groves in Velies, Greece to the finest organic honey found anywhere in the world.



Farm-to-Cheesecake Fresh Ingredients

Papa’s credo for each and every handmade cheesecake using “Farm-to-Cheesecake highest quality, fresh raw Ingredients No preservatives or processed foods. Every Cheesecake is Handmade wholesomeness, flavorful and fresh! Compared to the “factory-made” high-volume producers and negative effects of long-term freezing and storage.


Family Honor

Family honor is at our core and drives Papa in every cheesecake and customer he serves. Papa’s “Outrageous Original” Cheesecakes are so good you just can’t resist. All natural ingredients and developed to be wholesome and flavorful that can only come from being a small operation.

Papa’s cheesecakes are produced in their own bakery with a lot of love and care.

See for yourself and order a Papa’s Cheesecakes and you will become a fan!

Papa says… Thank You!